Special Registration Issues

Special issues with races that may get fully booked. Register early.

RACENAME – Registration status for 2017 (and status for previous years)
Vasaloppet – Open&full 20.3.16
(Open&full 16.3.14, open&full 17.3.13, full 15.3.12, 30.5.11 and 24.8.10)

Marcialonga – Open&full 28.6.2016
(Open&full 1.7.2014. Open&full 5.6.2013, 15.10.12, full 18.5.11 and 7.9.10)

Birkebeinerrennet – Opened 13.4.16
(open 23.4.14 & never sold out, open 18.4.13, full 19.4.13, opens for foreigners early: 21.9.12. General opening & full 25.10.12, full 1.11.11 and 5.11.10)

US Birkie – Opened 2.5.2016 & full 3.11.2016.
(Opens 2.06.14 & Full 23.10.14. opened 3.6.13, full 10.10.13, Full 15.10.12, full 21.11.11 and 18.12.10)

Jizerska – Opened 6.6.2016. 20% available on 12.1.2017.
(Opens 1.5.14. Full ?. Full 8.11.13, opened 1.7.12. Full 19.12.12, full 1.12.11 and 22.12.10)

Tartu Skimarathon – Opened 1.3.2016
(full 7.1.11)

(All date formats are dd.mm.yy and indicates main race if multiple races in one event)

For Marcialonga: Book very early (before March 15th?) and get your startnumber via your hotel in the valley. Italians have their own early booking periode. Scandinavians can also get startnumbers in travelpackages from their major travel firms.

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New title: “Dirty WL Master”


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New ski technique??
By Minoru from Sapporo

Dear WL skiers
I believe all WL skiers love skiing on the white snow, it is very fun and wonderful time, isn’t it.
For a long time XC ski is only classical style with grip wax.
But from 1984 skating ski is getting more and more popular for the XC ski technique.
After that we skied CT or FT for the race and training.
From ten years before, only double poling ski style is popular for the classical ski race, without grip wax and long poles, some top skiers use skating ski sets for the classical ski race with double poling technique. For the elite skiers only double poling is important technique for the race, but it is not important for the ordinary skiers, we enjoy skiing with classical and skating style, it is enough.

Recently we know a new style skiing for the WL ski race. It is easy and no effort to skiing to the finish line, very strange system for getting finishers stamp. This style of skiing does not need training, waxing and skiing!! You just need to put your timingchips on your friends body and waiting for him at the finishing line. Then you can get one WL stamp without skiing at all!! But is it fun? Do you like it? We WL skiers love skiing, but NOT race-stamps without skiing.

IAWLS wants to present “Dirty Worldloppet Master” title for such a cheating skier.

New ski season in 2017 is starting soon, we want to meet our friends on the snow with fair play spirit!! We are true WL skiers!!

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More articles on the Worldloppet cheating scandal

Several other websites are writing about this important case. This list is what we have observed. Some of the articles also have a comments section.

Germanys biggest site for xc skiing: https://www.xc-ski.de/events/skimarathons-2-2/news-66/betrugsskandal-im-worldloppet-master-diplome-erschlichen/

Expressen, Swedens second biggest newspaper: http://www.expressen.se/sport/larm-for-fusk-i-vasaloppet-omojligt-att-upptacka/

Pluss Expressen TV: http://www.expressen.se/tv/sport/vintersport/misstankt-fusk-avslojat-i-vasaloppet/

Russias biggest site om xc skiing http://www.skisport.ru/news/cross-country/84386/

A very popular high traffic xc site in Russia: http://openski.ru/friday/2885/vremya-udivitelnyh-istoriy-kak-stat-mnogokratnym-worldloppet-masterom-ne-begaya-marafony.html

Norways biggest newspaper. Vasa & Birken cheating:   http://www.aftenposten.no/100Sport/vintersport/langrenn/Varsler-om-utspekulert-juks-i-Birken—Umulig-a-oppdage-pa-forhand-228688b.html 

USA biggest site on xc skiing: http://blogs.fasterskier.com/insidetrack/2017/01/05/jan-5-roundup-ustiugov-on-public-perception-sundby-defends-russians-simon-fourcade-recovering/

A finnish newspaper intervjues Juha about the scandal http://www.ess.fi/urheilu/hiihtolajit/art2335504

One more finnish newspaper http://www.iltalehti.fi/talviurheilu/201701112200052114_tl.shtml

A popular polish site http://www.biegowki24.pl/z-czipem-w-kieszeni-czyli-jak-oszukiwali-mastersi-worldloppet/

Gunde Svan talks about this scandal in Expressen http://www.expressen.se/sport/langdskidor/gunde-svan-forstar-inte-hur-man-tanker/ 

Aftenbladet. Gunde Svan and the scandal http://www.aftenbladet.no/100Sport/vintersport/langrenn/Gunde-Svan-om-det-utspekulerte-jukset-i-Birken-og-Vasaloppet–Jeg-skjonner-ikke-hva-man-tenker-228998b.html

RussiaLoppet shows pictures and link to scandal artice on their facebook page.

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Cheating scandal in Worldloppet

During 2016 a system of long term cheating in Worldloppet races was discovered. A work group looked into the case and found a lot more than expected.

One of the interesting and valuable features of Worldloppet (WL) is the system of WL Master. It has certainly played a big role in the success of WL. The WL Master title enjoys a huge prestige and all those who have obtained the title are rightfully proud of it. Many skiers have begun collecting multiple Masters, as shown by the fact that in September 2016 there were 3846 WL Masters whereas 4346 Master titles had been awarded.

The cheating system has existed for many years and was performed by a group of skiers, all «multiple masters». How? One skier is doing a race and carrying the timing chip of another skier who is not doing the race, and is not even present on the location. Both start numbers and chips are picked up, but one chip and start number is put in the skier’s pocket during race. Both chips are registering electronically during race and two WL passports are stamped after race. Which later leads to two Master Diplomas. For skiers seeking multiple Masters this system led to «results», false Masters. This means there are many invalid Master diplomas today, shown in WL webpages. According to the rules both skiers involved in the scheme are disqualified and if a Master diploma contains a disqualified race that Master and all results in it become invalid.

This cheating scheme is destroying the credibility and value of the WL Master performance. Some Master-skiers have already expressed their disappointment and anger at this. They feel the quest for WL Masters becomes without honor and meaningless, and are questioning their future quest for more Masters.

The work group of «investigators» looked at the results of past WL races and found the same pattern in many races going back as far as 2011 (older races were not looked at). The proofs of cheating are undisputable and consist of electronic records (times given by the chips) and pictures/videos. The chips indicate identical times (intermediate and finish) of two members of the cheating group whereas the pictures/videos show the presence of only one skier (pictures of the second skier are not available for the good reason that he did not ski the race). A report on these findings was sent to WL who handled the case at their annual Worldloppet Congress in June 2016. The investigating work group making the reports was all IAWLS members and this cheating system was also discovered by IAWLS members.

Something has to be done.
This massive and unprecedented cheating led to strong reactions. WL-congress made some statements and decisions which included to delete all cheat results and affected masters already submitted. This was after carefully analyzing the documents, connected pictures and films in reports given to them. And WL also made a statement saying that the cheats are no more welcome at any of the Worldloppet races. This means that no new WL Master applications will be accepted from this group of cheats. These are very strong and clear words from WL.

We find that these decisions are appropriate. Now we wait for WL actions to be done. We have seen that some WL-race results affected here are changed into disqualified status so things are happening. That is needed because we must show the world of skiers that cheating and fake Masters are handled and punished properly. So that WL Master awards again can have the high status they deserve. We hope so.

We will follow up on this case and inform you how WL handles it.

Good luck to you all in coming WL races.

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Biggest skimaraton race calendar 2017

As every year we present a list of circa four houndred skimarathon races. The longest we know of. The list is made by our executive member Thomas Huber.

Enjoy the list. It contains skiraces from so many nations. Happy travel and happy skiing to all! Download the PDF file here xc_long_distance_calender_2017_iawls


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French skiers prepare 2017 season

(Article is in french below this english text)

As every year at the same time, the French skiers of the Worldloppet meet in the mountains to prepare the  next season.


No more snow on November 26 in the Jura this year (unlike last year) but a beautiful weather that allowed everyone to discover the difficult course … of the Transjutrail in the footsteps of its technical manager, Michel Boutearon (http://www.transjutrail.com/presentation/accueil-1-161.htm)

Beautiful and rugged climbs with the focus of the chain of Mont Blanc.

And, back in the valley … a wonderful outing in roller skis.

On Saturday evening, Hervé Balland, the famous skier who won an unforgettable 50 km world championship and still holds the absolute record on the Engadin, came in his recent capacity as Director of Transjurassienne to reassure us about the future Of the French Worldloppet event.

“Our differents courses (depending of the snow) are agree  by the authotithy concerned for 2017, the registrations are going well, the whole team is there to offer you a superb Transju 2017 …” Hervé said to us.

Each year more complicated, standards are accumulating, the budget swells every winter, but obviously the organizers of the Trans 2017 are ready!
And we too: to welcome on our national Worldloppet race all foreign friends. For more info it’s there: http://www.transjurassienne.com/presentation/accueil-1-5.htm

There is still time to register for a special rate.

This weekend, convivial and “à la bonne franquette” offered great moments of conviviality and especially of exchanges on the races to come.

B. Petroff


Les skieurs français préparent la saison 2017

Comme chaque année à pareille époque les skieurs français de la Worldloppet se retrouvent en montagne pour préparer leur saison prochaine.

Plus de neige le 26 novembre dans le Jura cette année (contrairement à l’an passé) mais une belle météo qui permit à chacun de découvrir le difficile parcours … de la Transjutrail sur les traces de son responsable technique, Michel Boutearon (http://www.transjutrail.com/presentation/accueil-1-161.htm)

De belles et rudes montées avec en point de mire la chaine du Mont Blanc. Et, au retour dans la vallée… une magnifique sortie en roller skis.

Le samedi soir, Hervé Balland, le skieur fameux qui remporta notamment un inoubliable 50 km de championnat du monde et tient toujours le record absolu sur l’Engadin, est venu, en sa récente qualité de Directeur de la Transjurassienne nous rassurer sur l’avenir de cette épreuve française de la Worldloppet.

« Nous avons déposé nos parcours de replis au cas où, les inscriptions vont bon train, toute l’équipe est là pour vous offrir une superbe Transju 2017… » nous explique Hervé.

C’est chaque année plus compliqué, les normes s’accumulent, le budget enfle chaque hiver, mais visiblement les organisateurs de la Trans 2017 sont prêts !

Et nous aussi : à accueillir sur notre épreuve de la World tous les amis étrangers. Pour plus d’infos c’est là : http://www.transjurassienne.com/presentation/accueil-1-5.htm Il est encore temps de s’inscrire à un tarif privilégié.

Ce week end, convivial et à la bonne franquette offrit de grands moments de convivialité et surtout d’échanges sur les courses à venir.

B. Petroff

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News from Jizerska Padesatka 2017

Good news. In 2017 Jizerska is moving its race day to mid February, away from the usual early January dates. This will make the race alot more snow safe.

Thing two is that they have made insurance arrangements so that skiers will get a startfee refund if race is cancelled. Alot less change for cancellation now but good action. It’s not a 100% refund but 70%. Still alot better than nothing, 0%.

This startfee refund reminds us of our IAWLS case made in 2014. About startfee refunds and insurance on that. See that article here worldloppetskier.com/2014/07/28/full-refund-of-startfee/

Picture is Jizerska in 2014. From now on things will get better.

Jiserska hill 2

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Fossavatn 2016

Here we have a new nice race report by Boris Petroff.

Both english and french. They are in PDF format so just click them and Acrobat or you web-broser will display all, including pictures.

Fossavatn 2016 PDF english and Fossavatn 2016 PDF french

At the same time, please have a look at a french race report from the same race.

2016 fossavatn

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