Special Registration Issues

Special issues with races that may get fully booked. Register early.

RACENAME – Registration status for 2017 (and status for previous years)
Vasaloppet – Open&full 20.3.16
(Open&full 16.3.14, open&full 17.3.13, full 15.3.12, 30.5.11 and 24.8.10)

Marcialonga – Open&full 28.6.2016
(Open&full 1.7.2014. Open&full 5.6.2013, 15.10.12, full 18.5.11 and 7.9.10)

Birkebeinerrennet – Opened 13.4.16
(open 23.4.14 & never sold out, open 18.4.13, full 19.4.13, opens for foreigners early: 21.9.12. General opening & full 25.10.12, full 1.11.11 and 5.11.10)

US Birkie – Opened 2.5.2016 & full 3.11.2016.
(Opens 2.06.14 & Full 23.10.14. opened 3.6.13, full 10.10.13, Full 15.10.12, full 21.11.11 and 18.12.10)

Jizerska – Opened 6.6.2016. 20% available on 12.1.2017.
(Opens 1.5.14. Full ?. Full 8.11.13, opened 1.7.12. Full 19.12.12, full 1.12.11 and 22.12.10)

Tartu Skimarathon – Opened 1.3.2016
(full 7.1.11)

(All date formats are dd.mm.yy and indicates main race if multiple races in one event)

For Marcialonga: Book very early (before March 15th?) and get your startnumber via your hotel in the valley. Italians have their own early booking periode. Scandinavians can also get startnumbers in travelpackages from their major travel firms.

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Snow in Sapporo 2020

By Minoru Matsuyama from Sapporo, January 6th 2020: “We have no snow in Sapporo!! This is my first experience no snow, no skiing in Sapporo. I am not a member of race organizing committee of Sapporo ski marathon, I am WL skier living in Sapporo. Usually we have 40cm snow depth, but now we have only 1cm snow depth, Takino Snow World is closed, no snow around Sapporo Dome (start & goal point). Weather forecast says no chance of heavy snowing for a while from now on. I guess Sapporo ski marathon will be first cancellation this winter in 2020. (this is my private comment, not official)“.

Raceday for Sapporo Skimarathon is set to February 2nd 2020.

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The worlds biggest long distance skirace calendar 2020

As every year we present a list of circa four houndred skimarathon races. The longest we know of. The list is made by our executive member Thomas Huber.

Enjoy the list. It contains skiraces from so many nations. Happy travel and happy skiing to all! Download the PDF file here xc_long_distance_calender_2020_iawls


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Worldloppet Global Skirace Calendar map

You know the new Global Skimaraton Calendar and Ranking system by Worldloppet? The ranking system where everyone get some points. Compete in your age group towards the rest of the world. Only your best results count. Smart system, check it out and book travel tickets now. Read about the rules and ranking system of this concept.

Get to know where ALL the new global calendar skiraces are in this interactive map:

Colorcodes: The ordinary 20 Worldloppet races are colored red. Associate member races are in green. And all the others in blue are part of Global Skirace Calendar.

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New Worldloppet logos

One season with the new Worldloppet logo. What do you think?
It was in newsletter December 2018 we got a hint of “New Worldloppet visual identity from 2019” and in February 2019 we saw the new webpages.

wl old and new logo

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The worlds biggest long distance skirace calendar 2019

As every year we present a list of circa four houndred skimarathon races. The longest we know of. The list is made by our executive member Thomas Huber.

Enjoy the list. It contains skiraces from so many nations. Happy travel and happy skiing to all! Download the PDF file here xc_long_distance_calender_2019_iawls


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Kangaroo Hoppet 2018

Wow what a day! Hoppet day dawned clear and still, such a contrast to the previous 6 weeks when strong winds, heavy snowfalls and blizzards had been blasting Falls Creek, a small ski alpine area 4 hours north east of Melbourne, Australia.

Over 1,000 skiers from 25 nations and 4 continents gathered at Falls Creek to participate in the 28th Kangaroo Hoppet.  Great weather and deep snow enabled the full 42km course to be exceptionally well-groomed. Where possible the track is groomed double width especially on the exciting descent down the “Bladerunner” off Heathy Spur.

The Kangaroo Hoppet comprises of 3 simultaneous races; the 42km Kangaroo Hoppet main race that qualifies for a gold stamp in the Worldloppet passport, the 21km Birkebeiner (the Birkie) which qualifies for a silver stamp and the 7km Joey Hoppet.   All 3 races had increased participant this year.

At 9.30am the elite and fastest hundred Hoppet skiers flew across the start line. 1 minute later the next 100 skiers rushed forward and onwards every minute until the 5 Hoppet waves had begun.  1 minute between waves doesn’t sound like much time but it certainly spreads each starting field and decreases the chance of skiers crashing into each other, breaking poles, skis and bodies.  Birkie skiers start from 9.40am in waves with 1 minute breaks and Joey skiers begin at 9.50am in a similar fashion.  By 10am all skiers were skiing as fast as they could in stunning conditions.

Overnight the temperature lowered to -2 degrees (Celsius) and warmed to 4 degrees so it was crisp fast snow at the start with softening conditions by the second lap for the majority of Hoppet skiers.

All skiers initially headed out to Sun Valley for the first 7 kilometres which is mostly flat and a good way to warm up.  Joey skiers consisting of all ages from tiny babies being towed in pulks participating in the Pouch class to toddlers just beginning to walk then head back to the Nordic Bowl to finish their event whilst Hoppet and Birkie skiers skied across the magnificent dam wall high above the frozen water of Rocky Valley Reservoir.   The next 3 kms to Watchbed Creek is flat and great to get into a comfortable rhythm as skiers are found their pace.

Just after Watchbed Creek drink station, Birkie skiers turn left and head up towards the infamous Paralyser whilst Hoppet skiers turn right and have another 2kms of cruising before re-joining the Birkie skiers and begin the slow 3km climb up the Paralyser.  The snow is now slow so skiers had to find a comfortable rhythmic groove and just keep on plodding and grinding up that long hill.  Finally, the course breaks out of the beautiful snowgums (an alpine eucalyptus tree with knarly shaped trunk and branches)  into a large open area known as The Park and the gradient eases.

After The Park drink station the refreshed Hoppet skiers turn right and complete an extra loop around Johnsons for some superb views of the Snowy Mountains including Mt Kosciuszko ( the highest mountain in Australia – 2,228metres/7315feet).

Just after re-joining the Birke skiers a final, treeless climb looms.  On reaching the crest of Heathy Spur, you feel on top of the world looking around and seeing snow covered mountains in all directions and…. knowing there’s lots of downhills ahead.  Yeah.  The exciting downs continue along the broad Heathy Spur with one final climb ‘til the Bladerunner, a series of tight downhill corners which most people brake, skid, plough, step turn to go around and down.   Finally, the shaking legs get back onto flat ground for a relax and the cruising speed increases as the dam wall is crossed and back into the Nordic Bowl starting area.

The Birkie skiers can relax as they cross the finish line, however Hoppet skiers having skied some 26kms head out for another 16km of skiing.  Out to Sun Valley again, then across the dam wall, along the flat Bogong High Plains Road again, past Watchbed Creek (and a refreshing drink & food station) but this time instead of heading up the Paralyser it’s a much gentler series of undulations along the Pauls Track for the final 5 kms back to the finish line.

The Nordic Bowl was a hive of activity with skiers standing along the edge of the downhill finish area and around the BBQ in the sunshine cheering family and friends across the finish line whilst discussing race experiences and attempted tactics with fellow skiers.

Congratulations to the race organisers and volunteers who gave up a significant amount of time to prepare a superb course and arrange a great race. Well done to the Hoppet skiers who stopped during the event at the 35km mark to assist a Russian skier who had collapsed. The racers performed CPR whilst waiting for the Ski Patrol to arrive with a defibrillator.  The medical equipment enabled the successful restoration of the skier’s heart rhythm.  I very big thanks to those involved and the equipment used to save this skier’s life and facilitate his recovering in a Melbourne hospital.

Overall the Kangaroo Hoppet was a huge success with many skiers skiing their first Hoppet, Birkie or Joey race.  The after race evening celebrations and festivities were again held in the community hall in Mount Beauty.  A great get together of rested participants.  Well done to all the skiers who participated in this magnificent event.  See you all next year!

By Marg Hayes & Bruce Wharrie

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FredagsBirken 2018

The snow was abundant and the weather glorious. What more could you want for a 54km trek across the Norwegian mountains?  The views were stunning, the snow-clad trees looked like fat snowmen squatting in the snow.  What a magical day?

20180316_162434_mStaying in Lillehammer at the hostel above the train station is highly recommended as it very convenient when arriving by train.  Also, the buses to the Nordic ski trails of Sjusjeon and Nordsetter depart from outside the station allowing skiers to prepare on the last third of the race course or just enjoy the 200kms of trails in the mountains above Lillehammer without having to climb up the 600+ vertical metres from Lillehammer.

The only disadvantage to staying in Lillehammer was that we missed the Worldloppet Masters’ pasta party as it was held in Rena, 2 hours drive away on the Friday evening.

Bib pick-up was available in either Rena or at Hakon Hall, Lillehammer on Thursday afternoon.   At Hakon Hall there was also a huge clothing and equipment sale that was well patronised by Norwegian skiers grasping overflowing shopping baskets full of bargains. Continue reading

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