General Assembly 2008

IAWLS General Assembly in 2008

Cavalese, Italy, January 25, 2008.

The Chair of the meeting, Bengt Karlsson, called the meeting to order at 16:15. With 14 members present, each of whom can represent 2 proxies, the total of 42 did not meet the number required (20% of 263 = 53) for a quorum. As per the bylaws the meeting was adjourned and a new meeting called where the required quorum was the number of members present and represented by proxy.

Bengt Karlsson introduced the EC, both members present and absent.

Hannes Larsson introduced special guest Alfredo Weiss, President of the Marcialonga organisation. Mr Weiss welcomed those present and gave a brief talk about the Marcialonga organisation.There are 1200 volunteers, track preparation costs 150,000 Euro, ML organisation focuses on skiers needs, listens to criticisms & comments, appreciates the acceptance of the new start arrangement.

The President’s Report was presented by Hannes Larsson.

Motion to accept: Yes 56, No 0, Abstain 0

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Hannes Larsson.

Motion to accept: Yes 56, No 0, Abstain 0

Election of new EC member:

Motion to accept: Yes 55, No 0, Abstain 1

Fixing of membership fee at zero.

Motion to accept: Yes 54, No 1, Abstain 1


New Business: Several topics were introduced by those present:

  1. Nancy Lucienne Caviet spoke about several issues:The last DL bus from Obertilliach leaves at race closing time, not allowing sufficient time for slow skiers. IAWLS to write to DL organisation about bus schedule.
  2. She expressed concerns about how the new Engadin ½ marathon will be organized. Bengt Karlsson responded that we must wait to see what takes place this year.
  3. She noted that Master’s receptions are not always well publicized: Hannes Larsson agreed that this is a concern at some races which will be contacted individually.
  4. She expressed concern that the regulation concerning non removal of skis during a race could lead to disqualification of a skier who felt that a downhill was too icy to negotiate safely. Hannes Larsson responded that the regulation was designed for other purposes and would not likely be applied in this circumstance.
  5. Lois Nagl spoke about  Finlandia-hiihto . Skis were not permitted on the level of the building where race registration was possible. There was no ski check. His skis had to be left on the upper level and were stolen.
  6. John Miller expressed some concerns about DL. The 1st food station was too far from the start for the classic race, no food left at later stations for the slower skiers. Jacek Jaskowiak noted that DL has poor seeding. IAWLS to write to DL organisation about these issues.
  7. Phil Shaw spoke about his meeting with ML executive and his attempt to persuade them to help support Gatineau Loppet. He felt that in general, the more successful WL races should be encouraged to help improve the popularity of the less successful races and the general interest in XC skiing in those countries.
  8. WL Yearbook: Bill Poull would like all masters listed in the magazine rather than just the current year’s new masters. Hannes Larsson responded that IAWLS has asked WL about this before and received the answer that there was not enough space, the magazine would become too costly. John Miller pointed out that the current issue does not have the year of issue on the front cover.
  9. Lois Nagl stated that DL needs help in the same way as GT.
  10. Bengt asked if there was interest in a member’s open forum associated with the IAWLS website. Those present indicated this would be a positive development.
  11. Christophe Joanblanq expressed concern about global warming and proposed that there be some sort of offset to members activities such as tree planting. John Miller agreed that IAWLS should be ecologically sensitive.

There were no motions made during the discussion of new business.

Hannes Larsson made a presentation on IAWLS seeding proposals which have been sent to several race organizations.

John Miller thanked the EC for their work on behalf of skiers.

Meeting adjourned

IAWLS would like to express sincere thanks to the Worldloppet and Marcialonga organisations for their support and assistance. In particular WL presented a copy of the new book “30 Years of Skiing Around the World” to each IAWLS member present at the meeting. ML provided a room for the meeting and refreshments for attendees. Both WL general secretary Angelo Corradini and ML president Alfredo Weiss took time from their busy schedules to attend.

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