General Assembly 2009

IAWLS 2009 General Assembly

Lienz, Austria, January 17, 2009

The Chair of the meeting, Robert Palliser, called the meeting to order at 16:40. With 7 members present, each of whom can represent 2 proxies, the total of 21 did not meet the number required (20% of 295=59) for a quorum. As per the bylaws the meeting was adjourned and a new meeting called where the required quorum was the number of members present and represented by proxy.

Robert Palliser introduced the EC members present and the new EC candidate who was present. He thanked the Dolomitenlauf organisation for generously providing the meeting place and refreshments.

Hannes Larsson presented the President’s Report and thanked the 2 retiring EC members, Blanka Nedvedicka and Robert Palliser, for their contributions.

Motion to accept the President’s Report: Yes 66, No 0, Abstain 0

The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Hannes Larsson.

Motion to accept: Yes 66, No 0, Abstain 1

Motion to reelect EC members:

Bengt Karlsson Yes 65 No 1 Abstain 0
Hannes Larsson Yes 65 No 1 Abstain 0
Minoru Matsuyama Yes 64 No 1 Abstain 1
Piotr Szkarlat Yes 64 No 1 Abstain 1

Motion to elect new EC members:

Thomas Huber Yes 64 No 0 Abstain 1
Jacek Jaskowiak Yes 64 No 0 Abstain 1
Boris Petroff Yes 64 No 0 Abstain 1

New Business: There were 2 topics discussed.

  1. Robert Palliser noted that the proxy had not included an opportunity to vote on a motion to fix the membership fee at zero for 2009 although the motion was on the agenda for the meeting. The final item on the proxy, giving voting directions to the EC on any new business, was used to complete voting on the membership fee motion. The result was:  Yes 63, No 0, Abstain 3
  2. Grant Mcleod enquired about the list of  IAWLS officers for the coming year. Hannes Larsson and Robert Palliser answered that the officers for 2009 would be President: Hannes Larsson, Treasurer: Boris Petroff, Secretary: Bengt Karlsson

The meeting was adjourned at 17:20.

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