Assiduous Worldloppet skiers honoured

by Hannes Larsson

At the Worldloppet Masters’ reception at Cavalese on January 29 two new Worldloppet Masters got their diploma. Thereafter Worldloppet’s Secretary General Angelo Corradini called five assiduous Worldloppet skiers who had obtained ten or more Worldloppet Master titles. These were:

Corrado Ampezzan ITA 10 Masters
Robert Palliser CAN 11 Masters
Jan Vadlejch ISR 15 Masters
Jan Jasiewicz SUI 16 Masters
Hannes Larsson FRA 20 Masters

An outstanding committee consisting of Marcialonga’s President Alfredo Weiss, Miss Marcialonga 2011 and Angelo Corradini congratulated these happy skiers and gave them a special diploma. The large size framed diploma was created by Angelo’s secretary Carla’s husband Lino Davarda who is a ski instructor but also an artist and Worldloppet Master himself. Each of the five diplomas contains the name of the skier, the number of Worldloppet races made by him, the Worldloppet logo, the names of the Worldloppet races and a picture showing classic skiers. Lino made them by hand, and although the overall design is the same, details differ.

It was a very nice ceremony. Angelo’s idea is to keep the Worldloppet movement attractive for citizen skiers. It is not the athletic performance that is acknowledged (all recipients are over 65) but the assiduity. We could also say that this group of five is a big sponsor of Worldloppet: they have bought 72 passports for the above mentioned Masters, and the total of their registration fees to Worldloppet races reaches a sizeable sum.
My thoughts then went to an assiduous skier, Leo Lansbergen whom I would like to call the King of Citizen Skiers. Leo takes each year 4 months of vacation that he uses for skiing. He has skied some 500 long distance races until now, about half of them Worldloppet races. Leo travels by train and prepares his meals himself, to economize money. He has a passport with 9 stamps from European races but has until now not been able to afford an overseas travel. If he had more money and had concentrated more on Worldloppet races, he would be at least a 40-fold Worldloppet Master. Hats off!

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