Minutes of IAWLS General Assembly held at Howmans Gap Australia Friday 26th August 2011


Colin Addison (chairperson), Craig Alexander, Judy Barnes, Meg Bate, Rod Clutterbuck, Marg Hayes, Susan Luscombe, John Miller, Nhan Nguyen,  Alan Rae, Doris Trueman, Bruce Wharrie, Robert Palliser, Hannes Larsson, Jurgen Wasner, Minoru Matsuyama, Takashima Kiyohiro, Jan Jasiewicz

Proxies received:  40

Meeting commenced  at 1600hrs, due to lack of quorum the meeting was adjourned and then reopened with those in attendance and the proxies held as the quorum.
Moved:  Jan Jasiewicz  Seconded: Hannes Larsson
All present in favour

Item 1: Acceptance of Presidents Report

Moved: Robert Palliser  Seconded: Judy Barnes
All present in favour, one proxy against

Item 2: Acceptance of the treasurers report
Moved: Bruce Wharrie Seconded: Doris Trueman
Passed unanimous

Item 3: Motion to Re-elect listed Executive Committee members (Christophe Joanblanq)
Moved: Robert Palliser  Seconded:  John Miller
Passed unanimous

Item 4: Motion to elect Bjorn Hanson (USA) to the Executive Committee
Moved: Judy Barnes Seconded: Alan Rae

Item 5: Fixing of IAWLS membership fee to zero
Discussion was held  as to whether a fee should be introduced before the above motion was put
Moved: Bruce Wharrie Seconded: Hannes Larsson

New Business:

Item 6: IAWLS should write to World Loppet  urging that should all other needs be met including safety and snow cover, before accepting nomination, the organisers of the Demino Marathon should consider shifting the race to one week later to avoid a clash with the Birkebiennerennet  in order to maximise participation of Worldloppet Skiers,particularly those from: Australia, Japan, North America and all those with complex travel arrangements.  The formal draft of the letter  to be forwarded to the executive committee by the chair.
Moved: Robert Palliser Seconded: Judy Barnes
Passed  unanimously

Item 7: The Executive Committee should create a forum to address the issue of races being booked out before leave and travel arrangements can be organised by those who have complex travel arrangements .
Moved: Jan Jasiewicz, Seconded : Judy Barnes
Passed unanimously

Item 8: Safety issues raised by Jan Jasiewcz, specifically deaths attributable to Hypothermia in the Marcialonga & Vasaloppet and the potential for this in the Bieg Piastow crossover delay.
No formal motion was passed but it was the consensus that the Executive Committee should discuss these issues and consider the papers that Jan has prepared on these issues.

Comments before closure of meeting:
Hannes Larsson a book is being published on his achievements.

John Miller: it should be recognised that IAWLS has had a profound impact on the achievements of all Worldloppet skiers.

Minoru Matsuyama: the Sapporo Ski Marathon is being  moved forward one week due to clashes in the use of the Sapporp Dome, enjoy visiting the Snow Festival after completing your race instead of before.

Meeting  closed at 1702hrs

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