The French Masters were preparing the season 2012

by Boris Petroff

They were about twenty, got together on Hervé Courtine’s initiative, in the small resort  of Besse in  Auvergne, at the beginning of October.

Every year our French regular runners of the of Worldloppet’s races meet to evoke the past races, exchange addresses and useful informations. And simply for the pleasure to be together.

It was a friendly meeting, without competition (except for drinking wines !) and filled with anecdotes, but very sporty also.
Saturday, at the program, the difficult climbing of the resort of Super-Besse by roller skiing, on the ground of the French championships of this year.

In one of the cars which led the participants at the start, we counted 47 titles of WL Master : 22 for Hannes Larsson, 8 for Boris Petroff, 7 for André Viry, 6 for Hervé Courtine and 4 for Isabelle Petroff … 47 masters in 1 car !

A conducted visit of the Museum of the Ski allowed to discover and especially to admire the ingenuity of the skiers before 1900 (the Museum covers the period of the debuts of the ski until 1920) to find the best wood, give them a good shape and make boots hold on these slats.

Hannes Larsson dedicated his fantastic book “cross-country skiing around the world”

On Sunday, the small troop had still well reduced to climb the summit of Sancy, so much the weather report had degraded… It was an excellent way to prepare the winter and to acclimatize to the most hostile temperatures: wind, rain and temperature around 0 ° Celsius!

Undoubtedly, nothing can stop Worldloppet Masters!

And the future gets ready :  there were in Besse 4 skiers’ generations and future skiers.

For more information, contact hcourtine@orange .fr

Photos by Gilles Bertin and Boris Petroff

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