Hannes Larsson’s new book

Our former president Hannes Larsson’s book “Cross-Country Skiing Around the World” has appeared. On sale here: www.kava-pech.cz/book-skiinga-english.html

Hereafter is Hannes’ own presentation:

I was happy to find a Czech publisher, Kava-Pech, whose graphic designer and printing-house made a high quality book. However, the publisher could not take any financial risks. Therefore I paid the totality of the production costs of 2000 books. If all of them are sold, I may recover my investment. But more likely I will lose money. This does not at all worry me. I did not consider this book as a business operation but I wanted to make available to the splendid community of XC skiers my long experience in long distance popular XC ski races.

If not only the technical quality of the book but also its contents are appreciated, I will be happy. I tried to make the texts and the many pictures illustrating it attractive. Aphorisms, anecdotes and tales abound. The first reactions were enthusiastic, for example Worldloppet General Secretary Angelo Corradini’s nice words on Worldloppet’s website.

This kind of book is not sold in book-shops (except in the Czech Republic where the publisher has a distributor). Individuals can order it from the publisher; however, the sending costs will be added and bank transfers from countries outside the EU may seem expensive. The famous Wordloppet Jubilee book was essentially sold by the race offices. I
The address of the publisher’s website is www.kava-pech.cz. There you find the prices, sending costs and payment methods.hope that every Worldloppet race will order a number of books (for big quantities there is a big discount) and sell them in the race offices and at the occasion of the bib distribution. Since 120,000 skiers visit the different Worldloppet races each year, this seems to be the natural channel. Next winter I will be present at most races during all 10 week-ends of the season. There I can write dedications in the books bought by the skiers. My detailed schedule will be shown later.

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5 Responses to Hannes Larsson’s new book

  1. Barbara Gray says:

    I would like to get in touch with Hannes Larssen in the event he is attending the Gatineau Loppet in Ottawa, Canada. Do you have his email address. Thank you

  2. Jennifer Brierley says:

    I would like a copy of Hannes Larsson’s book. I can’t understand the Czech website.

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