IAWLS “Charter of Recommandations” for Worldloppet races

How should a Worldloppet race or any skimarathon be?


We in IAWLS have been giving recommandations for many years to many races. It is an important part of our job. This year we have compiled all important recommandations for the races in one “charter of recommandations”. Here you will find tips and “must” for the various parts of a race. Like before, during and after race day.

[UPDATE: Please read our updated chapter from March 2016]


Please read it and if you have comments we would like to hear them. Email us.

We will now apply this charter on all Worldloppet races and see how well they fit and what adjustments we would like to recommend. This kind of job can be done by you too, for the races you participate in.

The charter was a subject we talked about on our IAWLS general assembly in St.Moritz in March 2013. Now it’s made. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to IAWLS “Charter of Recommandations” for Worldloppet races

  1. JP Roos says:

    What about the problem with Marcialonga, which gives bibs to the hotels and so individual (foreign) skiers cannot register freely and have to pay exorbitant hotel fees to be able to participate? I think this is a bigger problem than the Transjurassienne extra payment for insurance. Can IAWLS do something about this?

  2. LV says:

    Thank you for the comment. We did address this a the general assembly in 2013 and will do again at GA in January 2016. See our documents from GA 2013.
    It would be interesting to hear how much the hotels charge extra for the startnumbers, if you buy them via a hotel. What cost-numbers do you have?

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