China Vasa 2016

China Vasa 2016. Report by Minoru (Team SUOMI)

In 2016,Team SUOMI visited China where is near Japan, but China is becoming political far country nowadays. It is so expensive of the tour with European travel company that I had decided all our flight tickets and accommodation for China Vasa by internet. Our flight from Sapporo via Beijing, we were surprised at air pollution in Beijing was so bad!!

In Changchun anyway the outside temperature is ordinary so cold at minus 10 degrees (Max) minus 20 degrees (Min). We participated in trial skiing at the previous day, but a guide in a course wasn’t enough and we lost our way then we canceled our skiing and went back to the bus. On the race day morning, the bus to the start point was no heating system like a freezer, is this China way ?!


There were some tents for skier’s locker rooms and waiting rooms near the start point, but there were only small size that we couldn’t enter and use, so we stayed still in the bus even just before the start.

Chinese skier’s manner was not so good just after the simultaneous start, two classical trucks were maintained from a start to a goal, but a course was solid old snow. There were several times of short steep climbing, but descent was gentle we need double pole to get speed, and there were also no dangerous points in long descent part .

The latter part of a monotonous flat course was worried by cold against wind around the lake, for 50km skiers two laps of 25 km course was boring and hard work under the so cold weather! I didn’t take so many pictures, I could not find the beautiful scenery especially! Though they use a chip, what happened, I can’t check our result of my wife and my son’s time of 25km yet. After the race we wanted to wait in the tent near the start area because I participated with the family but most tents were removed after the start.
The party after the race is so magnificent that feeling was as enhance the national prestige, lacked of the atmosphere of skier’s friendship.
Team SUOMI three family skier’s impressions about China Vasa was same. Will you ski again China Vasa? Our answer is no more!

We hope China Vasa to be a wonderful WL race someday.

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3 Responses to China Vasa 2016

  1. Grant McLeod says:

    Minoru: I would have thought with Swedish organizational help, that they would have nice war busses and warm tents at those temperatures.

  2. Grant McLeod says:

    Minoru: I would have thought with Swedish help in the organization that they would have nice warm busses and warming tents at the start and finish.

  3. A lot of artificial snow was used to prepare the track. I am sure there are lots of places in China where natural snow is in abundance.A venue with natural snow is preferable. Secondly a FT race can also be included in the program.

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