More articles on the Worldloppet cheating scandal

Several other websites are writing about this important case. This list is what we have observed. Some of the articles also have a comments section.

Germanys biggest site for xc skiing:

Expressen, Swedens second biggest newspaper:

Pluss Expressen TV:

Russias biggest site om xc skiing

Norways biggest website on skiing

A very popular high traffic xc site in Russia:

Norways biggest newspaper. Vasa & Birken cheating:—Umulig-a-oppdage-pa-forhand-228688b.html 

USA biggest site on xc skiing:

A finnish newspaper intervjues Juha about the scandal

One more finnish newspaper

A popular polish site

Gunde Svan talks about this scandal in Expressen (SWE). 

Aftenbladet (NOR). Gunde Svan and the scandal–Jeg-skjonner-ikke-hva-man-tenker-228998b.html

Fædrelandsvennen (NOR). Scandal and Worldloppet Diplomas.—Umulig-a-oppdage-pa-forhand-228688b.html

RussiaLoppet shows pictures and link to scandal artice on their facebook page.

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