Bieg Piastow 2017

Like last year, races were organized on three days: Friday March 3 the 30 km FT race, Saturday March 4 the 50 km CT race and Sunday March 5 the 25 km CT race. Shorter promotional races also took place. Bieg Piastow did not need artificial snow because natural snow was abundant. The tracks were in good condition but the above-zero temperatures made the races harder than usual, although we did not experience major waxing problems. The Jakuszyce plain served both for the starts as for the finish.

The courses were relatively challenging with many climbs: the cumulated uphills (and downhills) reached 550 m in the 30 km FT race, 903 m in the main 50 km CT race and 435 m in the 25 km CT race.

Bieg Piastow distributed prizes not only to the global best and to the three first of the age groups, but also to the three first male and female Worldloppet Masters, which is unique in Worldloppet and indeed a strong indication that Bieg Piastow  is a WL event. The reception of WL Masters that took place on Friday PM at a hotel in Szklarska Poreba was the best we have experienced, all WL events considered, with a free meal and beautiful gifts to everybody.

Hannes Larsson

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